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Origin Acoustics Seasons Landscape LS64


Model No: OLS6600

  • Seasons Landscape speaker
  • 4" Polypropylene woofer
  • 1" Titanium dome tweeter (8-ohm and 70v taps)

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Seasons Landscape Collection

The Sound

Advanced Sonic Design

Improving the way you experience sound has been the focus of the Origin team for over three decades. Our speaker designers and engineers have over 100 years of collective experience, have won hundreds of awards for their efforts and have invented numerous patented technologies that have dramatically advanced the art of sound reproduction. The Seasons Collection’s incredible performance is a direct result of their passion and commitment.

The Ultimate Combination

Although a loudspeaker is much more than the sum of its individual parts, the quality of those parts is still a critical component in the speaker’s design. Every single element of an Origin speaker is carefully chosen with one goal in mind, to create the most awe inspiring sonic impression possible.

In-Ground Sound

If that ever-elusive thump is what you are looking for, the Seasons Collection features three different subwoofers designed to be buried in the landscape and to fill the area with the last octave of musical thunder.


The Look

Wherever You Want It

A different shape and a different attitude, the landscape speakers in the Seasons Collection are designed to be mounted just about anywhere. They will project incredible sound from exterior walls, under eaves, on pillars and architectural elements or even freestanding on exterior furniture. These speakers are made from tough and durable injection molded ABS plastic that has been shaped into acoustically tuned cabinets to compliment the hand-selected drivers.

Landscape Solutions

Filling your outdoor environment with quality music that appears to come from nowhere is now a very real expectation. The Landscape Series includes several models of speakers in various performance levels in enclosures that mimic lighting fixtures. Hidden away in flowerbeds and planters or placed around the pool or other water features, these speakers blend in and become part of the environment.


The Finish

Hiding It All

As these speakers are installed the wires are buried in the ground or hidden in the walls. The result is sound that fills the landscape from discreet locations that are all but unnoticeable.

Seasons LS44

Seasons Landscape speaker with 4" Polypropylene woofer and 1" Titanium dome tweeter (8-ohm and 70v taps)
Landscape Satellite Installation Accessories Sold Separately

Sound that fills the entire exterior of a home can be achieved through multiple speakers that virtually disappear into the landscape. Several mounting options, like spikes driven into the ground, produce full range musical coverage. Three sizes of subwoofers can be literally buried under the surface to support the lowest frequencies. The resulting effect is earthshaking bass and pristine high frequencies filling the environment with sound usually confined to indoor spaces.

Expand the Range

Moving the maximum amount of air is the key to great bass. The LS64 features a passive radiator on the bottom to significantly improve bass response.


Design with Flexibility

All landscape satellites can be formatted for either 70V or 8-Ohm taps in order to provide maximum flexibility in designing the perfect outdoor system.


Resist the Storm

Well suited to withstand the harshest climates, all landscape speakers are enclosed with rugged injected molded plastic. Both the landscape satellites and the in-ground subwoofers carry our lifetime warranty.







Model Number LS64
Part Number OLS6600
Tweeter Dome Titanium
Tweeter Diameter 1" (25mm)
Woofer Cone Injection Molded Polypropylene
Woofer Diameter 6" (152mm)
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20KHz ±3dB





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Model Number LS64
Part Number OLS6600
Tweeter Dome Titanium
Tweeter Diameter 1" (25mm)
Woofer Cone Injection Molded Polypropylene
Woofer Diameter 6" (152mm)
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20KHz ±3dB